Water Damage

Connecticut Restoration Experts

Water damage can lead to mold problems within your house very quickly. Ideally you will catch the water spots and curb the mold growth before it is visible to the eye. Often once mold becomes visible, it has spread farther than you think. We can help you handle the insurance claim, inspection, testing, cleanup, and restoration seamlessly!

If the area where you live has undergone a severe storm or flooding, then you should get your house checked out by a professional. There is a good chance that a few parts of your house have been damaged due to water and heavy wind. Common problems found after heavy rain and wind include: roof damage, carpet damage, siding damage, window damage and even severe flood damage to the interior of your home. Call us today to have a water damage CT inspection.


Time Is Of The Essence When Dealing With Water Damage

It’s critical to dry any affected area immediately and begin circulating the air in the room. Within just 24 hours, microorganisms such as mold and fungus can begin to grow in damp flooring and walls. Call Pro Restoration Solutions right away to begin the process before mold begins to grow.

We’ll arrive on time with our industrial drying equipment and thoroughly dry all surfaces. We’ll check under flooring and behind walls to ensure that there is no standing water or moisture hiding which can later cause structural damage and mold growth. We will perform mold testing and air quality testing to ensure no mold is present in your home or business.